Come and discover, discover, explore and experience the wonders that Baixio has for you and your family.

The village offers a range of accommodation options, from simple inns to the charming Pousada Aldeola inn and the Boutique Hotel & SPA Ponta de Inhambupe. Additionally, there are comfortable houses with 4 suites in the Ponta de Inhambupe Condominium, with a prime location overlooking the beautiful meeting of the river and the sea.

Baixio Turismo offers excellent packages with accommodations at the Hotel, in the houses, and at the recently renovated Pousada Aldeola inn, which has become even more charming and cozy.

Hotel Boutique & SPA Ponta de Inhambupe By Slaviero Hotéis

Boutique Hotel & Ponta de Inhambupe Spa, by Slaviero Hotéis

Pousada Aldeola

Pousada Aldeola by Slaviero Hotels

Ponta de Inhambupe

Ponta de Inhambupe Condominium Houses

Pousada Espaço Litoral

Recanto da Lagoa Azul

Pousada Recanto Lagoa Azul

Pousada Solar da Lagoa

Pousada Solar da Lagoa

Encanto's Pousada

Encanto's Pousada