About Baixio

A special place, an exclusive destination

This is Baixio. Home to crystal-clear waters, with rivers, lakes, and an extensive coastline. Baixio also offers its visitors lush, preserved nature and more than 80 km of trails to enjoy and explore. Walks and tours reveal stunning landscapes.We highlight some unique attractions for you to have beautiful experiences: Trilha da Lagoa, Lagoa de Panela, Lagoa Verde, and Ponta de Inhambupe, which unveils a beautiful natural landscape where the Inhambupe River meets the sea. This deserves to be experienced firsthand, as words cannot do it justice: mangroves, coconut groves, a winding river course meeting the sea, and the delightful mix of nature for a perfect bath.

Don’t miss walking or biking through the peaceful village, where hospitable and joyful residents welcome visitors with local crafts and flavors.

Best of all, this piece of paradise is in one of the most sought-after regions of the North Coast of Bahia, just 45 minutes from Praia do Forte.

Live this unique experience in Baixio.