In July: Ponta de Inhambupe Residences Exhibition

Come and enjoy everything that Baixio offer

Come and enjoy everything Baixio has to offer.


Baixio - Esplanada - BA

Other information:

We invited architects to experience Baixio and discover a destination that offers unique experiences, combining quality services with the beauty and diversity of the local nature. Additionally, this event showcases the new investments by Prima Empreendimentos in the region.

From this inspiring immersion, the Ponta de Inhambupe Residences Exhibition was born.

The Ponta de Inhambupe Residences Exhibition brought together 7 renowned architects from Salvador/BA and Aracaju/SE to decorate apartments in the Ponta de Inhambupe Condominium, adding even more charm to this destination rich in natural beauty. The condominium has a prime location at the Ponta de Inhambupe, where the river meets the sea, revealing a stunning landscape.

Open for visitation starting from 07/07/2024.